What Type Of Denim Jacket Should I Get Inspiring Street Style Ideas

If you think that denim jacket is for ladies who want to look boyish and casual, then you are not right. In today’s blog post I am about to show you different types of denim jackets you can buy this year. All the showcased styles are great to wear in everyday life, plus they are very easy to style, from casual basics to chic dresses and skirts. By the way, you can see some other great ideas on how to dress up your denim looks this year. To show you some nice options, I have put together a list of some of my favorite denim jackets snapped on the streets of big cities.

Denim Jackets Street Style Looks To Copy This Year (1)

If you want to play with your silhouette, then the best way to do so is to add boyfriend denim jacket to your outfit. Try it on with a black-white striped high-neck top and black shortened pants. Complete this look with a statement silver necklace and pointed-toe blue pumps.

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How To Make Kimono Look Great On Me Outfit Ideas

Say, you want something modern, and fresh, but it should look classy, sophisticated and ladylike? Then you need a kimono! Today’s article is dedicated to this kind of Japanese inspired item. I am sure, it will make you look attractive and unique. A modern kimono doesn’t look like a traditional Japanese kimono, it’s a kind of mix that comes with the best features of a real kimono and a classic cardigan. When I see ladies wearing it with their everyday clothes, it reminds me of a boho look. It’s no surprise why, as you can find many girls a the Coachella wearing kimonos as outerwear pieces. You are free to cooperate kimonos with many different garments, including shorts, jeans, dresses, etc. Below are presented nice outfit ideas you can recreate this year.

How To Wear Kimono Inspiring Outfits (1)

Belted wrap kimono in black with white floral print looks sophisticated. Wear it over a black shirt tucked in black leather leggings. Complete this outfit with suede black ankle boots, shoulder clutch bag with chain strap and gradient sunglasses.

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How Should I Style Blue Skirt Amazing Outfit Ideas

Get ready to witness amazing outfit ideas with blue skirts. Trust me, a blue skirt is something that can make you look glamour, sharp, ladylike and sweet in one and the same time! I know many women who skip this skirt all because of the color. Trust me, styling blue skirt is actually pretty easy. You are free to team it with a basic white top, vest, long sleeve shirt, or with an edgy leather jacket in black, red, white, green or blue. Blue skirt can look breezy and refreshing, all you need is to pair it with simple and clean clothes. If you want to understand how to style it in a simpler way, I decided to put together a list of really nice outfit ideas completed with blue skirts in different styles and lengths.

How To Wear Blue Skirts Outfit Ideas (1)

Make a move! Update your casual outfit with this beautiful midi knife-pleated blue skirt. Add a black pullover and heeled ankle-boots in black color.

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Jogger Pants Street Style Looks For Women

Let’s talk about jogger pants! These trousers have become very popular lately, they experience the second life in the fashion industry. That’s why I decided to write this article and show you inspiring jogger pants outfit ideas you can use for your next OOTD! Actually, there are many different ways you can style these pants in real life. It’s fair to say, joggers are the new jeans! Get ready to see sequin joggers, joggers with zipper, side stripes, and many other eye-catching designs. The other good news, you are free to pair these bottoms with pretty much anything, starting from heels to boots and sneakers.

Joggers For Women Inspiring Outfits (1)

A pair of gold sequined jogger pants looks pretty cool with a pair of platform black ankle boots and black sweater worn over a classic white shirt.

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How To Wear Women Scarves For Fall Season

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Fall season scarves and ways to wear them this year. I think it’s an iconic item that complements the whole outfit making it look fully complete and original. Anyway, we finally break out our fall wardrobes, that’s why we better say hello to our beloved sweaters, coats, boots and to the Autumn accessory called the scarf. Today’s fashion is full of great scarf styles made of warm and cozy fabrics. In this article, I gathered the prettiest designs you can buy right now, including blanket styles, maxi scarves in neutral and bright colors, cable knit scarves, as well as the ones made of luxe fur! Read on to see incredibly versatile and stylish scarves on the streets of big cities.

Autumn Scarves For Women (22)

That’s a cute outfit for Autumn days. You will need pastel colored items, like a draped tailored vest in pale yellow, blush midi skirt, baby blue rounded leather bag, light pink ankle-cuff heeled pumps worn with white socks and neutral light gray slim sweater. All these items can be freshened up with a striped gray-white big scarf. Wear it as a shawl.

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Dresses With Ankle Boots Best Outfits To Copy

This time we are going to talk about one awesome outfit combination called dress and ankle boots. This pairing is not something unique or new, but it looks like many women simply don’t know how it works. Why? Most ladies feel like ankle boots can make their feet look chunky, and visually cut-off their legs right above the ankle, so ankles look wide. If you think the same, then it’s time to change your mind and show fabulous ways how to make these shoes look awesome with different dresses. Read on to see flattering outfit ideas to try in real life.

Ankle Boots And Dresses Combination (20)

You can always play with boho style. For instance, a classy plaid print short shirtdress can be updated with a pair of worn out style ankle boots in faded brown color. Add a braided skinny brown leather belt, cream-violet floppy hat, and maroon leather backpack. The overall look is free-spirited and individual.

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Black Leather Skirts 42 Inspiring Street Style Ideas

A black leather skirt might be one of the hardest skirts to style, but we are here to show you easy ways how to wear it without looking like a weirdo chic. Today, you are about to see 42 inspiring street style ideas how to wear black leather skirts for dressy events, as well as for casual walks on the town.

black leather skirts street style inspiration (43)

A knife pleated black leather skirt ideally matches light gray jumper. Add peep-toe black leather ankle-boots and aviator sunglasses to complete this casual street look. It is a good combination for casual meetings at the bar or home parties.

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White Pants For Women Best Street Style Looks

White pants are something that makes you fresh and special. This is an effortless essential that can easily work for day and night. I see women of all ages wearing this staple o the streets, to work, job interviews, weddings, and parties. You can consider white pants to be a must-try trend for this year to wear now. I know many ladies who think that white pants are not for them. Believe me, once you know how to style these bottoms, then everything makes a difference! The only thing you might lack is the confidence. White trousers are not that difficult to style, that’s where I come for a help!

White Pants For Women Best Outfits To Wear Now (2)

Who wants a perfect look for work and evening parties? You will need a pair of tailored white pants, white blouse in metallic silver brocade and a red jacket draped over shoulders. Complete this outfit with a silver metallic shoulder clutch bag and some fancy heels.

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Peacoats For Women Must Try This Year

The pea coat is an outerwear piece that has stood the test of time and it comes back in trend this year. Today I will show you interesting designs you can invest your money. Most of these jackets are classic, that’s why you are free to wear them whenever you like, wherever you want. Indeed, whether worn on the weekend with leather skinnies, khaki button-down shirt or with a sleek slip dress on special evenings, this timeless topper is going to be your favorite choice in cold weather days.

Pea Coats For Women Best Ideas How To Wear (1)

A khaki green military-inspired peacoat is draped over black T-shirt tucked in ripped blue ankle-length jeans. The outfit looks fresh and sophisticated.

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Pencil Skirts To Wear Everywhere You Want

It’s time to see absolutely stunning ways how to wear pencil skirts on the streets. I know, a pencil skirt isn’t the most comfortable skirt style you can find on the market right now, but it seems like this is the only essential bottom garment when it comes to professional wardrobe, formal meetings, and fancy events. I am here not to debate with you, but rather show you interesting ideas on how to wear a pencil skirt anywhere you like.

Pencil Skirts Must Try Outfits (1)

White lace knee-length pencil skirt looks awesome with a navy hoodie layered under patent black vest. Complete this street look with pointy black leather pumps and oversized cat-eye sunglasses.

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