Venom Inspired Street Style

I think you all are familiar with Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) who is the main protagonist in Venom movie. He got infected by the power of a symbiote and his only escape from getting captured or killed is to release his alter-ego, Venom. Today, I am here not to talk about the movie, but to give you some cool outfit ideas, yes, you are about to see Venom inspired street style fashion ideas for women. The main idea is to keep your outfit dark, casual and somewhat sophisticated. You need to express your monstrous creation and try on such basic items, like denim (jackets and jeans), hoodies, simple tees, leather jackets and more.

Venom Inspired Street Style 2021

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As you can see, Eddie keeps things minimal and basic. He wears a black T-shirt under a navy colored casual button-down shirt. I like his arm party bracelets.

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